“Freedom of speech is under threat!” Laurence Fox launches his mayoral campaign

“A beautiful day for freedom”, declared Laurence Fox as he launched his London mayoral campaign on Tuesday morning.

Standing for the newly-formed Reclaim Party, Mr Fox has promised to implement a “common sense plan to get London moving again” by restoring freedoms Londoners used to enjoy before lockdown and the incessant woke cancel culture which has taken over the city.

The 42-year-old, standing infront of a ‘Free London’ bus equipped with a gagged Winston Churchill, told a crowd in Westminster he was not a politician but felt compelled to stand because “someone needs to unlock London now”.

Taking aim at the incumbent, Fox said: “I can tell you one thing: Sadiq Khant, and Sadiq won’t. Sadiq Khan is ashamed to be British!”

Addressing the issue of cancel culture and the woke brigade, the actor said: “Freedom of speech is under threat in the cathedral of wokery that is London”.

On law and order Fox insisted: “We need to police streets not Tweets”, adding to his pledge to depoliticise the Metropolitan Police and refocus its efforts on fighting real crime rather than hitting diversity targets.

Speaking to Guido Fawkes on his battle bus, the London mayoral candidate confirmed something of an electoral pact with Richard Tice’s Reform UK, disclosing that Mr Tice had chosen not to stand a candidate against Mr Fox in the mayoral campaign and will himself be seeking a spot on the London Assembly.

During a tour of the city, the battle bus reportedly drove past Sadiq Kahn filming a video, prompting Fox to stand up and shout: “Sadiq, I’m taking your house, mate!”

Mr Fox has previously hit out a Sadiq Khan and his “nation-hating cronies” who have their “jealous eyes on our statues and institutions”.

“Where does his desire to strip us of our history end? Surely Queen Victoria, the epitome of empire and white privilege, should be torn from her plinth in front of Buckingham Palace to be swiftly replaced with a monument to Greta Thunberg or Piers Morgan?

“Why are none of our politicians standing to defend us? I am livid at the disrespect being shown to the sacrifices made by previous generations to protect our values, tolerance and freedom. This extreme political correctness must be resisted.”

Fox joins Conservative candidate, Shaun Bailey, London Assembly member, David Kurten, co-leader of the Green Party Sian Berry and Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers among others, hoping to topple Sadiq Khan when voters head to the polls on May 6.