Another 81 migrants taxied to Britain by Border Force as one boat lands undetected

81 illegal migrants docked in Britain on Wednesday according to Home Office figures, with one boat of migrants arriving undetected and landing on a beach at Dungeness in Kent.

Today’s figures build on yesterday’s arrival of 148 migrants as the warmer weather and calmer sailing conditions appear to be enticing dozens to brave the journey on a daily basis.

Local reporters on the frontline filmed migrants being escorted off Border Force patrol boats up the gangway of Dover Marina in Kent, the majority of which were adult males with some outlets reporting a small number of women and children on board.

One boat containing 12 migrants evaded search vessels and landed on a beach at Dungeness before police officers and immigration officials caught up with them and detained those on board.

The surge in numbers will cause home secretary Priti Patel a headache after promising a crackdown on people smugglers exploiting Britain’s weak spot and bringing illegal migrants into the country.

Just six days ago this site reported on a record-breaking day of illegal arrivals across the Channel as 183 migrants swarmed into the country by small boat.

Local fisherman Matt Coker told the Telegraph in a new documentary on migrant crisis: “It’s just got busier every year that [spotting migrants in the water] is just the norm now.

“The French have surely got a duty to stop being from crossing the border illegally,” he added.

With the current figures, it means the UK has now seen two and a half times more migrants land in Dover in the first three months of this year compared to 2020 – a pace that would see 22,000 land in Britain this year if it keeps up all year.