Labour MP compares modern day Britain to the Ku Klux Klan

Labour MP Clive Lewis has sparked outrage on social media after posting an image of the Ku Klux Klan in response to the news that a review commissioned on the back of last summer’s race protests concluded Britain is a model of racial tolerance.

The report stated: “We found that most of the disparities we examined, which some attribute to racial discrimination, often do not have their origins in racism.”

Whilst stopping short of declaring Britain “post-racial”, the review affirmed that accusations the country is institutionally racist were “not borne out by the evidence”.

Mr Lewis responded to the report with a picture of the Ku Klux Klan with the caption: “Move along. Nothing to see here. #RaceReport”.

Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie replied: “Another day and another Labour MP hating Britain”.

Former MEP Patrick O’Flynn tweeted: “Just a Labour MP likening life in the UK for people from ethnic minorities today to life in the US Deep South when the KKK was at its height. Insulting and ridiculous.”

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said Lewis’ reaction was a consequence of the race report not fitting the “left’s woke narrative” and said “discipline in the Labour Party has broken down.”

The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole gently reminded Mr Lewis that former KKK grand wizard David Duke actually praised Lewis’ ally Jeremy Corbyn in 2018 after he called for the destruction of “the stranglehold of elite power and billionaire domination over large parts of our media.”

Naturally, others with skin in the game to depict Britain as a racially-intolerant nation questioned the review.

Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan led the charge, with the former declaring on Sky News that the “commission, which was set up by the Tories and by leading Tory advisers who don’t believe in institutional racism at all, is taking us back in the argument for racial justice.”