Race review destroys BLM and woke claims about modern Britain – white children struggling most

Black Lives Matter and other shrill anti-racism campaigns suffered a reality check after a review commissioned on the back of last summer’s race protests concluded Britain is a model of racial tolerance.

The race review’s results have had the undesired effect for woke activists of undermining identity politics, which prioritise people’s race, sexuality and cultural backgrounds over their economic circumstances.

The woke agenda, through its lauding of critical race theory and obsession with unconscious bias, constantly portrays ethnic minorities as downtrodden demographics with little to no chance of succeeding in life because of rampant racism. That portrayal of British society has been obliterated after the review dug up statistics on education which show white children performing among the worst.

The report states: “We found that most of the disparities we examined, which some attribute to racial discrimination, often do not have their origins in racism.”

The chair of the review, Tony Sewell insists he is not attacking identity politics – “I am not a war on woke”, he told Radio 4 – however the betterment of society in his view lies simply in tackling poverty across the board, regardless of race.

“I am not about gestures. What we are about here is about getting working class people, poor people, people who have got disadvantages, towards opportunities.”

Brixton born Sewell said that in his youth, the police were seen as “almost the enemy”, but the country has moved on. The review did stop short however of declaring Britain “post-racial”.

Nevertheless, accusations the country is institutionally racist were “not borne out by the evidence”. The review also recommended that unconscious bias training, a favourite of progressives, should be replaced by “evidence-based” alternatives.

The review forcefully champions the “emphatic success story” of the British education system, which “should be regarded as a model for other white-majority countries”.

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The death of George Floyd in May last year, an incident totally unconnected from the United Kingdom provoked an extraordinary reaction from the liberal left.

Floyd’s death set in motion a chain of very public events such as the defacing of Churchill’s statues and the cenotaph in Westminster and the ripping up and dumping of Edward Colton’s statue in Bristol, and also potentially more significant but lower key actions by public and private institutions in cancelling British culture under the guise of abolishing all remnants of slavery.

Campaigns such as Black Lives Matter saw their profile explode in the media, with the bandwidth given to progressive campaigns’ highly conceptual outlook on race and discrimination, leaving little room for the stats, even though the pandemic and the government response has highlighted the virtues of scientific fact and data, compared to feeble theories.

Contrary to the BLM narrative, it is white British schools kids needing the extra help. Children from black African, Indian, and Bangladeshi backgrounds were found to score better across eight GCSEs than white children on average. Two in five black African kids and one in five black Caribbean children go to university. One in eight white students goes to university by contrast.