EU adding “significant administrative burden” to vax effort, says Pfizer chief

Pfizer’s vice-president for global supply, Danny Hendrikse, has warned that new regulations imposed by the EU have “caused a significant administrative burden and some uncertainty”, as Eurocrats demand the global drugs giant must notify national authorities before shipping life-saving jabs to global clients.

“Ultimately what we would like our colleagues to do is to focus on making and distributing the vaccine” said Hendrikse, seeming to push back against Brussels red tape.

The firm has also reiterated the importance of global supply chains in the worldwide fight against coronavirus, in the face of warped EU threats to block jab exports and put the free movement of drugs and ingredients at risk.

This site reported last month how Ursula von der Leyen was playing a dangerous game by threatening the UK’s vaccine supply, with one manufacturing plant in Belgium dependent on imported lipids from Britain to make the medicine.

“We are a global manufacturing company with a very sophisticated global supply chain… Every one of those suppliers is important to our supply chain and every one of them plays a role” said a Pfizer spokesperson.

Eurocrat moves to increase the administrative burden on jabmakers is all the more baffling because of the slow pace of their vaccine roll-out thus far, suggesting a continued lack of urgency in the fight against the deadly virus that has now plunged France into yet another national lockdown.

According to the latest comparable figures from data boffins at OurWorldInData, the UK has delivered more than three times as many doses as the EU per 100 people, at 50.85 compared to just 15.94 within the bungling bloc as of March 29.

Owing in part to the success of Britain’s jab roll-out, case numbers are plummeting and are now below all but 2 EU nations.

But, as always, it seems the Commission covering up their own incompetence remains the top priority in the European Union…