London school blasted for “bizarre and ridiculous” flag surrender

Conservative MPs have now blasted the spineless decision by Pimlico Academy in West London to take down the Union flag in response to woke demands from youngsters, with one Tory calling the situation “bizarre and ridiculous”.

Harrow East parliamentarian Bob Blackman has branded it “totally unacceptable to have a position whereby the flag of our country is not allowed to fly above public buildings.”

Brexiteer Lee Anderson, who captured the historically Labour-backing Ashfield seat in 2019, said: “At a time when we are trying our very best to bring the country together after the problems with Brexit and coming out of the pandemic, it is very sad to see that this school feels it appropriate not to support the Union flag.

“It is a symbol of the UK. It brings all four nations together. We should never forget that. To tear flags down, to say you don’t want the flag flying on your building, is very divisive and it is not what we’re looking for at this moment in time.”

This site reported earlier today that head teacher Daniel Smith had caved in to demands to take down the beloved UK flag.

He said that “this symbol is a powerful one which evokes often intense reactions”, launched a review, and confirmed that “until that review is concluded, the Union flag will not be flown at the academy.”

He also vowed to shake up the school’s PSHE curriculum to “address contemporary issues”, saying that “now is the moment to begin long-overdue discussions that will lead to a significant updating of that programme”.

The decision came in the wake of a woke walkout by students amid escalating tensions, which saw racially charged graffiti pop up near the school this weekend.

“White schools for brown kids are u mad” asked one semi-literate piece of vandalism, while another complaint that there “aint no black in the Union Jack”.