UK surges past European Union in vaccine second doses

The United Kingdom’s Europe-beating vaccine scheme has now seen Brexit Britain surge past all but two EU nations in the percentage of the population fully vaccinated against coronavirus – despite the UK putting an emphasis on first doses while EU nations have largely stuck to a much shorter three week dosing interval.

A decision was made early by UK experts to space second doses out by twelve weeks instead of three, in a bid to give broader population-level resilience against the virus, but the decision was not followed by European political leaders – some of whom branded the decision reckless.

But despite the UK intentionally putting off second jabs far longer than European countries, the nation’s jab roll-out is now leading Europe even by that metric – highlighting the stunning success of the UK’s independent vaccine procurement scheme under the Vaccine Taskforce, headed up last year by the genius pharma expert Kate Bingham.

It is now ahead of every single EU country except Hungary – which has broken loose of the European Commission’s vaccine procurement scheme with Russia’s Sputnik and China’s Sinopharm jabs – and Malta, which has a population of less than half a million.

The UK overtook the EU average on March 25th according to statistics gathered by data boffins at Oxford University’s Our World in Data, when the UK had fully vaccinated 4.43% of the population compared to the EU’s 4.42%.

But that gap has grown massively in the subsequent week and a half, and April 3rd data shows the UK at 7.93% fully vaccinated compared to just 5.29% in the European Union.

France, headed up by egotistical Europhile Emmanuel Macron, had jabbed just 4.54% of their population twice by the same date – despite Macron and his cronies making sinister threats to Britain about being “increasingly dependent on us to vaccinate their population”.

He claimed his country would catch up to Britain within weeks, but he has instead been forced to put his country into yet another national lockdown while cases and deaths plummet in the UK.

46.44% of Brits have received at least one dose of vaccine, giving them significant biological immunity to the deadly virus, while just 13.58% of French citizens have.

It appears the French journey out of the coronavirus nightmare may take significantly longer than Brexit Britain’s…