Le Pen “will win” predicts left-wing Macron predecessor

Arnaud Montebourg, the socialist politician who occupied the office of Minister of the Economy, Industrial Renewal and Digital Affairs before Emmanuel Macron did in the government of François Hollande, has predicted that nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen will win the 2022 French presidential election.

In comments published by the Financial Times, the left-winger said that Le Pen’s rise was “like the Trump phenomenon or the Brexit phenomenon”. He blasted Macron’s “oligarchic” policies and warned that the current French President “is hated because he’s arrogant”.

He went on to warn that Macron’s candidacy is “not the ‘rampart’. He’s the one who will put Madame Le Pen in power.”

The prediction echoes warnings from top centre-right Macron ally Bruno Le Maire, who said supporters of the French President must not take their eyes off the ball if they want to triumph next year as the country is “crossed by movements of anger, of doubt which are very deep”.

This site reported in January that Le Pen was just two points from the presidency according to bombshell polling by Harris Interactive, with two more polls in early March – one by Harris and one by rival pollster Ifop – confirming the race is tight with Le Pen just three points.

That data was captured in the early days of last month, and does not account for growing frustration with Macron – who has been forced to plunge his country into yet another national lockdown amid spiraling coronavirus cases, after appearing to ignore expert advice earlier this year.

Despite hollow boasts more than a week ago that the French national jabbing effort would catch up with Brexit Britain in just a few weeks, the scheme does not appear to be accelerating – and data in fact shows that the UK soared past France in administering second doses less than a week before Macron made his bullish remarks.

The growing popularity of Le Pen and her National Rally group clearly has Macron scared. It emerged earlier this year that the President has dropped his 2017 vow to shake up France’s electoral system precisely because of her surging support.

Top En Marche! politician Christophe Castaner went so far as to admit the plans had been scrapped because “I am not in favour of bringing 100 RN MPs into Parliament.”