“Shameless and disrespectful”: Pair blasted for “celebration” at Palace

Two men were caught on film yesterday carrying bottles of Prosecco outside of Buckingham Palace while the nation mourned the loss of the Queen’s beloved husband Prince Philip.

TalkRadio contributor Mahyar Tousi snapped the pair, appearing to prepare to pop corks as one of the pair fiddled with his camera phone. Brexiteer Tom Harwood described the scene: “Two prats nervously pose with Prosecco.”

The pair appeared to scurry off after being confronted by Tousi and Harwood.

Harwood stepped in and said “sorry, I hope you’re not about to pop that” before one of the pair denied planning to do so and quizzed Harwood on his identity. They went on to say it was a “celebration of death” before asking Harwood if he was recording.

Members of the public praised Harwood’s intervention. “Respectful, yet making the point. Good job” said Bristol Tab editor Ben Bloch while another said: “Get in the lad! Well done!”

One social media user blasted the pair as “shameless and disrespectful” and another said: “There are no limits to the depths into their sewers some can sink.”

Others speculated about the political leanings of the pair, with one saying it “won’t take much guessing to imagine what side of the political spectrum and what party they vote for” while another claimed “they vote Labour and Remain, guaranteed”.

“Vile, but let’s also not forget the recent protestors on the “Kill the Bill” march who found it necessary to chant, Off with their Heads in front of Buckingham Palace” said another Twitter user, reflecting on recent disgraceful scenes reported by this website.

While most of the nation has mourned the Duke’s passing, many left-wing ghouls have gloated and dismissed it online, and others have selfishly complained that the press coverage has disrupted their daytime telly habits.

This site reported earlier today that the BBC had been forced to open a bespoke online complaints form to handle whingers complaining about the cancellation of shows like Bargain Hunt to report on the passing of the beloved Duke of Edinburgh.