Starmer in freefall with lowest approval ratings ever

The leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer is facing his lowest approval ratings ever according to new data from survey firm YouGov, as 50% of voters now say he is doing badly in the role compared to just 26% backing his performance.

His -24 net rating is way down from the +22 he enjoyed last May and the +27 he enjoyed in June as Brits gave him a chance to find his feet as Leader of the Opposition and prove himself. Just ten months ago, 48% said he was doing well and only 21% thought he was underperforming.

But support for the Labour leader has fallen in every single monthly YouGov tracking poll since November, and frustration with his performance has grown every month too.

He even enjoyed a brief moment of net popularity among 2019 Conservative voters, with net positive ratings in both August and September last year – but they now disapprove of his performance by a whopping 46-point margin.

He’s even fallen into net negative ratings with 2019 Labour voters for the first time too, with 44% of those who voted for Corbyn’s party at the last election saying he’s doing a bad job while just 37% back him.

By stark contrast, Boris Johnson has a +63 net approval rating among 2019 Conservative voters.

The April YouGov survey also shows Starmer trailing Johnson when voters are asked who would make the best PM. 35% back Johnson with just 29% backing Starmer. The gap widens further if you look at working class voters, with 38% of C2DE voters backing Boris and just 20% preferring Sir Keir.

51% of C2DE voters say Boris is doing a good job, compared to just 23% who feel the same way about Starmer.

The data will only compound Starmer’s woes as the Tories continue to enjoy sizable poll leads over the left-wing party – including a constituency poll of Red Wall seat Hartlepool, which Labour could lose to the Tories in just a few weeks.