WATCH | More left-wing chaos as police union building torched

Cities across the United States have seen more left-wing rioting over night following the accidental shooting of criminal suspect Daunte Wright, who died while fleeing arrest after an officer mistakenly drew their handgun on him instead of a taser.

The National Guard were once again deployed in Minneapolis, the site of an ongoing trial over the death of George Floyd last summer, with one piece of footage showing officers arriving in a yellow repurposed school bus.

Police at Brooklyn Park precinct, where much of the protesting has taken place, were forced to use crowd control techniques later in the night after thugs began trying to break down protective fencing.

A street fire eventually broke out near the Brooklyn Center precinct too, on Humboldt and 70th Street, with one social media user joking: “Well if that doesn’t eradicate racism, not sure what will.”

One night prior, left-wing radicals in the city had gone on a looting spree – including attacks on a low-cost Dollar Tree supermarket relied on by low income city residents.

Responding to the footage on his daily show, American commentator Matt Walsh said: “Did you hear that? It sounds like people laughing and joking around after they just randomly destroyed a local business for no reason.

“The media tell us that the people who did this are emotionally distraught, angry, striving in their own unique way for racial justice. From the look and sound of it, it seems to me that these people just thought it would be kind of fun to steal and burn some stuff.”

Things were even more extreme in Antifa hotbed Portland last night though, with yet another radical left-wing arson attack being carried out – this time on a boarded up Portland police union building.

Left-wing anarchists had previously torched a police station and an office of America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

In Dallas, Texas, BLM protesters tried to win over members of the public by disrupting their dinner plans, standing on tables, and shouting “we shut shit down, we burn shit down”.