Guilty: London thugs stabbed man to death in front of horrified 6-year-old

20-year-olds Taylar Isaac and David Kerrigan have been found guilty of murder, joining 18-year-old accomplice Theo Momodu who earlier pleaded guilty to the charge.

The three vicious gangsters had been charged with the brutal 2019 daylight slaying of an innocent 29-year-old man called Joshua White after Momodu was instructed by a gang boss to get “notches on your blade” or risk being kicked out of the group.

The trio chased down White, a random victim, in Hackney. While fleeing the group he accidentally knocked over a six-year-old girl on roller skates who was waiting for her father to leave a local shop. White, in a display of his good character, checked that the girl was okay before continuing to flee from the knife-wielding lowlifes, but was caught when he reached the door of the shop.

The six-year-old girl then had to witness Momodu plunging a huge “Zombie” knife into White’s back repeatedly. Taylar Isaac then stabbed him in the chest before the group ran off and left him laying dead on the pavement.

White was described as “a kind, loving, happy and caring son” by his mother Trisha Sargusingh, who also said he was a “loyal friend and a sensitive and humble man.” His father Leigh said that “life without him will never be the same again.”

A second victim, Rikkardo Butler, also suffered superficial stab wounds when the cowardly scumbags attacked him as he pushed his baby down the street in a pram. They have now been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm in that case.

Speaking about the shocking case, Detective Sergeant Andy Sheppard said: “These three men went out that day with the clear intention to stab people. They didn’t care who, as long as it earned them respect and notoriety in their gang.

“Joshua appears to have been targeted at random. He was chased in broad daylight and savagely stabbed just yards from an innocent six-year-old girl.

“Unbelievably, they went on to target a second victim, also in front of a child, and again for no apparent reason.

“There is no place for this sort of mindless brutality on the streets of London. Young men caught up in this way of life may think they are proving themselves and building a reputation, but in reality they are just cutting short their own lives and the lives of others.

“The community is safer knowing that they will be behind bars for a long time.”

Sentencing is due on the 23rd of April.

It follows a spate of similarly sick crimes to reach national attention in just the last few days. This site reported yesterday that three criminal dirtbags had been caged for a horrific machete attack on a Tube train, and we also reported on Thursday how five thugs had been jailed for a vicious gang beatdown of an off-duty police officer.