“No respect”: Left-wingers ranted on the street while nation mourned

Another round of tedious left-wing protests against the government’s new anti-crime bill occurred this afternoon, while most of the nation watched on as the royal family said farewell to beloved patriarch Prince Philip.

Lefty loons took to the streets in a number of cities including London, Brighton, and Bristol to protest against a new bill that will crack down on obnoxious and disruptive left-wing mob tactics while also imposing tougher sentences on Britain’s most depraved criminal scum.

While beautiful choral music was being performed in Windsor to mark the passing of the Queen’s devoted husband, left-wing loons in Bristol were banging drums, dancing in the street, and screaming witless left-wing slogans like “whose streets? Our streets!”

It’s the ninth “kill the bill” march in the city and comes just weeks after protesters brought shame upon the city with a violent riot that saw a police station smashed in and a cop van torched while officers were still inside – an act that local police federation chairman Andy Roebuck branded “attempted murder”.

Today’s noisy march appeared to happen throughout the funeral, with a Bristol journalist posting footage just three minutes before the 3pm national minute’s silence reporting that traffic had been “forced to a halt” in the town’s main Broadmead shopping area while carnival-like music was drummed out by the left-wing horde.

He went on to post another clip of the loud racket continuing at 15:02, further in to the centre of the shopping district – where they appear to have come into conflict with a preacher.

Their antics were met with widespread public condemnation, with one social media user saying that “these usual suspects have no respect for anything” before branding them “scum”.

And they come as no shock given the utter disrespect shown by a number of prominent left-wing figures following the Duke’s sad passing last Friday. One sick writer, who was in the past published by the Guardian, claimed that the Duke “deserved” a more painful death while a Labour councillor – now suspended – called Prince Philip a “fascist piece of inbred shit”.