Thugs hit beloved Dorset pub with warped BLM graffiti

A beloved pub in Bere Regis, the Drax Arms, has been hit by woke vandals who painted the words “slaver” and “BLM” on the Grade II listed building it occupied.

The local pub has been hailed by visitors on TripAdvisor who praise its “lovely” staff, “great quality” pub grub, and “general all round good feel”, but moronic woke activists appear to have taken issue with the fact that it is named after the Drax family – who operated plantations in Barbados and Jamaica more than three centuries ago.

One descendant of the clan is nearby Tory MP Richard Drax, who has nothing to do with the pub today, but who nonetheless got in touch to apologise for the damage inflicted to the property by the thugs.

It is now owned by the Hall and Woodhouse brewery, and has been described as “a small independent business trying to make ends meet.”

Its current manager, Kerry Davies, said: “I was just shocked. Our pub is in a village that is usually quite sheltered from things like graffiti.”

She reflected on the hard work of her staff, who have struggled through government-imposed lockdowns and mucked in to get the site ready for public reopening.

“The whole team were devastated. We had just spent months redecorating and getting the place ready to reopen. Everyone was excited and then this happened.”

She went on to say that the words were painted on with “a heavy metallic paint, like the kind used on cars”, which would make rectifying the damage complex.

“It feels personal, even if it’s not. The Drax Arms is named after the Drax family who still own vast amounts of land nearby but apart from the name, that’s the only association with the pub.”

She also questioned whether the senseless act of vandalism would convince anybody of the vandals’ cause, saying that “there are no ties between us and what happened 300 years ago” and warning: “It doesn’t really gain support for that movement, it has the opposite effect.”

Many on the loony left have felt emboldened to trash public and private property in the wake of last summer’s outrageous BLM riots, which the authorities took a soft approach to.

Thugs in Bristol famously tore down a statue of beloved local philanthropist Edward Colston, because of a brief financial speculation in the slave trade after he had already accrued the vast majority of his wealth – which was subsequently spent on brilliant civic causes.

Since then nearly seventy monuments across the UK have either been trashed or put on the chopping block by woke councillors looking to appease the mindless mob.