London school that removed the Union Jack following BLM-inspired protests threatens expulsions

The London school that ludicrously bowed down to thuggish demands by pupils to remove the Union Jack appears to have seen at least some sense following reports the children responsible will be disciplined. Expulsion is being considered.

The shameful retreat by Pimlico Academy followed a mass walkout by students high on woke outrage. The proud flag, a constant target of BLM campaigners eager to taint our national identity, was just one of several alleged grievances. Indulged students were also het up about changes to the uniform policy, banning colourful hijabs and unruly hair blocking other students’ views of the blackboard.

The aggressive campaign to have the Union flag removed has been lingering for a while with students reportedly removing and torching the sacred fabric last September.

Tensions escalated after graffiti appeared last month. One piece of racially charged and semi-literate vandalism read: “White schools for brown kids are u mad”

After the walkout, which hundreds of students took part in, the school caved in with headteacher Daniel Smith saying: “The issue of the flying of the Union flag was discussed at length. We acknowledge that this symbol is a powerful one which evokes often intense reactions. We have listened to the concerns of students, parents and the wider community about it.”

Smith now appears to have had a change of heart, albeit a pretty slight one.

In an exclusive, the Guardian reports that Smith sent an email at the end of last week to the parents of some of the offending pupils telling them their children would need to face disciplinaries on the first day back from the Easter holidays.

The email read: “Following [child’s name] disruptive behaviour on the last day of term, she is required to attend a disciplinary meeting … The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the nature of [child’s name] disruptive behaviour on the last day of term and to give [child’s name] the opportunity to reflect on their actions.

“…You should be aware that if [child’s name] is found to have committed a serious breach of the academy’s behaviour policy and if it is deemed that [child’s name] remaining in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of others, consideration will be given to permanently excluding [child’s name] from the academy.”

However, with the exception of the threat of expulsion, the retribution looks soft and there is no indication the flag will ever be hoisted again over the school.

The email goes on to add that the disciplinary meetings are unlikely to be anything of the sort as the unruly children will be approached from a “reconciliatory perspective”.

Smith’s letter followed consultation with the CEO of Future Academies, the trust that runs Pimlico Academy.

The discussions appear to have helped the naïve headmaster see at least some sense, but the indications are that the trust would have liked him to go further.

Last week, Lord Nash the trust’s chair wrote a firmer letter to parents saying: “We must particularly ensure that our students, your children, understand the consequences of any future disobedience, which will undoubtedly result in disciplinary action.”