Adonis calls for Britain to rejoin the EU because of the pandemic

Eurofanatic Andrew Adonis has been savaged on social media for again insisting Britain should rejoin the EU more than three months after the UK left the dysfunctional single market and more than a year after Brexit.

Labour peer Adonis gained notoriety during Britain’s agonisingly slow departure from the European bloc for his outlandish anti-Brexit claims delivered with a straight face, combined with astounding arrogance.

He once stated matter-of-factly that the BBC was pro-Brexit, even though the public broadcaster has itself gained notoriety for sharing Adonis’s minority views in favour of EU integration. On another occasion, Adonis told voters “ if you’re a Brexiteer, I hope you don’t vote Labour”. When the spectre of a general election loomed in 2019, he tried to retract the comment, a few months later Labour’s Leave-voting ‘red wall’ in the north of England crumbled as Boris Johnson rode to victory, sealing independence for the 17.4 million.

But at least he was honest. “I absolutely want to sabotage Brexit,” Adonis once declared.

He carried on piping the same out of touch tune. On New Year’s Day this year, just hours after Britain finally left the EU’s structures Adonis vowed to “reverse” Brexit.

Almost four months later, following yet further exposure of the EU’s gross deficiencies via its underbaked vaccine programme that it has tried to remedy with vicious trade sanctions and threats, Adonis renewed his pledge to try and bring Britain back in.

Yesterday he tweeted: “It is my view that Britain should rejoin the European Union as soon as possible.”

He followed the gobsmacking statement with the bizarre argument that the Covid pandemic has shown why Brits should re-adopt EU rule, in spite of the vaccine farce.

“Everything that has happened since the 2016 referendum has reinforced this view, including the pandemic. Our prosperity and security simply cannot be divorced from the rest of the Europe [sic],” he added.

Unsurprisingly, the assertion was roundly mocked on Twitter.

“What’s that definition of madness again,” laughed one person on social media.

“Is it any wonder The Lords colluded and conspired to thwart Brexit and carry on their gravy train?” another social media user commented pointedly, adding: “We have shown already how much better, more nimble we can be outside of the shackled of the EU.”

“We have global FTA’s in place quicker than anyone thought possible – we’ll prosper.”

A third individual struck out at Adonis for not accepting the people’s will: “At what point do you accept that the British people voted and you lost?” They tweeted.

More than one user posted the gif below from a Disney film, humorously telling the fantasist peer to “let it go”.

With his tweet, Adonis appeared to be trying to rouse beaten pro-EU activists, but many of the supportive responses were laced with warnings to give up the fight. “’m not sure they would have us,” tweeted one pro-EU campaigner, echoing the feelings of many other Europhile tweeters.