WATCH | “Get the f**k out of New York” BLM mob tells white diners

A mob of Black Lives Matter activists celebrating the conviction of Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd court case on Tuesday was filmed harassing white New Yorkers and ordering them to leave the city.

The BLM mob surrounded local eateries and intimidated diners sitting outdoors and chanted: “Get the f**k out of New York! We don’t want you here!

“We don’t want your money! We don’t want your f**king taquerias owned by f**king white men!”

Protests continued across cities in America after the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin was delivered on Tuesday. Shop windows were smashed in Portland and a police officer was punched in the face by violent Antifa activists.

In Minneapolis, near to the courthouse which heard the Chauvin murder trial, BLM leaders incited further violence by telling crowds: “We need to go way beyond voting at this point. We need to be coming out here every single day if that’s what it takes.

“If we don’t keep showing up and we don’t attack the system from every single f**king angle we can, we will be here again.”

Former Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty of three charges over the death of American felon George Floyd last summer, with the jury reaching their decision after less than eleven hours of deliberation over three weeks’ worth of evidence.

The decision came just hours after US President Joe Biden defied Judge Peter Cahill’s request for politicians to stop talking about the case, when he said he was praying for the “right verdict” – spurring condemnation from some who saw his intervention as an attack on due process and the rule of law.

Protesters had marched on the courthouse prior to the verdict chanting “Chauvin guilty” and gathered on Tuesday to chant “if George don’t get it / burn it down”.