Labour MP blasted for “disgraceful” comment on “racial gatekeepers”

Left-wing Labour MP Dawn Butler has been castigated in the House of Commons by Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch for “disgraceful” comments appearing to endorse the concept of “racial gatekeepers”.

Speaking about a brilliant new report by the independent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, the leftist MP said that it was “gaslighting on a national scale” before reeling off a list of woke citations for her far-left views.

Among them was page 103 of a book called This is Why I Resist by Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, which apparently “explains about racial gatekeepers” – a warped concept intended to write-off conservative opposition to the loony left from members of ethnic minority groups.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu has already termed Tony Sewell, the expert heading up the Commission’s report, a “token Black man” despite the fact that the majority of commissioners, not just Sewell, are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

But Equalities Minister Badenoch hit back, accusing Butler of being “one of the many people who continue to stoke division in this country”.

“I think it is disgusting that a Member of this House will stand up and accuse people of being racial gatekeepers” she said. “This is the same nonsense we have heard time and time again—calling people Uncle Toms, calling them house negroes and house slaves, and calling them racial gatekeepers. The fact that the hon. Lady is able to stand here and use that phrase without any shame whatsoever just shows how far the Labour party has fallen.

“I will answer the question, but we in this House have a responsibility to speak about this issue with nuance and responsibility, and the way the hon. Lady has carried out the debate is disgraceful. In fact, she is one of the many people who continue to stoke division in this country, and I am very sad to hear her remarks.

“The fact of the matter is that this report was written by professionals and experts who have a view that is different from hers. If she has a view that is not acknowledged by others, she should engage in a sensible debate, not call them racial gatekeepers.”