Boris hits back at loony left’s Dyson smear campaign

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit back at left-wing “Tory sleaze” claims after moving to facilitate the production of Dyson ventilators for the NHS at the height of the pandemic last year.

Text messages leaked to the BBC earlier this week revealed that the PM gave assurances to the Brexit-backing business icon that his employees would not be hit with outrageous financial penalties for coming to the UK to ramp up ventilator production for the NHS.

But left-wing critics have latched on to the story, claiming bizarrely that the request from Dyson and commitment from the Prime Minister represents “sleaze”.

“If you think there’s something dodgy about trying to secure more ventilators during a pandemic I think you’re out of your mind,” said the PM, responding to the attacks.

“I think Tony Blair said any PM would have done the same, when you’re facing a pandemic, and to the best of our knowledge ventilators was the only way to help people.

“Of course it was right to say to manufacturers ‘come on, see how many ventilators you can build’, 22,000 more ventilators, and it was described by Labour as a benchmark of public procurement.”

Dyson has been a frequent target of left-wing attacks since he openly backed the Leave campaign in 2016. He has since hailed the verdict and the “freedom” won by the UK with Brexit, while continuing to invest huge sums of money in the UK.

James Dyson said of the matter: “We were in the midst of a national emergency and I am hugely proud of Dyson’s response – I would do the same again if asked.”

The attempts to drum up a “sleaze scandal” – from an emergency attempt to draft in worldwide manufacturing experts to produce ventilators for the NHS at the height of the pandemic – appears to be the latest desperate effort by the left-wing media outlets to siphon away support to beleaguered Labour boss Keir Starmer, who is currently down in the dumps with his lowest ever approval ratings as key May elections loom just weeks away.