London thugs murdered devoted young father before going clubbing

20-year-old Kofi Abusah and 18-year-old Javell Hall have been handed life sentences with a minimum term of nineteen years after being found guilty of the senseless murder of young father Asante Campbell in Hendon last February.

The victim, Campbell, was described as “a hard-working man, who was devoted to his young family” and was murdered while meeting up with a colleague before a shift of hard graft as a railway track worker.

His mother Angela remembered her son, saying that “Asante’s charitable nature gained him many admirers, both young and old, extending to people from all walks of life. We will find some solace in the memories and stories we as a family cherish.”

He was waiting an a VW Polo for a workmate when a gang of thugs pulled up in another car and began an assault, stabbing him through an open window. Some of the culprits remain at large.

He managed to drive off, inform a family member of what had happened, and was rushed to hospitals after locals found him passed out. He was declared dead soon after arrival.

While he was being rushed to hospital, the culprits reportedly went clubbing “to continue their night as if nothing had happened.”

Recounting the sickening crime, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge from the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime Command said: “Asante Campbell was a hard-working man, who was devoted to his young family. Just 15 minutes prior to his murder, he had left his fiancée and baby daughter, having volunteered to work a night shift; he never returned home to them. The motive for Asante’s tragic death has never been determined. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“His death has left his family devastated. His young daughter will grow up without him in her life. This is the tragedy that stems from knife crime.

“The defendants, by contrast, left the scene of the murder and drove to a club to continue their night as if nothing had happened. They have been unwilling to explain why they were involved in such a ferocious and unprovoked attack on a man who had been sitting peacefully in his car.

“They chose to plead not guilty despite the overwhelming evidence that pointed to their involvement. They have now been convicted and the prison sentence reflects the severity and violence of their actions.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to appeal for anyone who has information regarding the outstanding suspects in this investigation to come forward and speak with us. Whilst two men have been convicted, we know that others were involved. Please help us identify them.”

The shocking incident adds to a growing pattern of senseless violence overrunning the capital, with this site reporting on a number of shocking incidents in just the last fortnight.

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