Migrant screamed “Allahu Akbar” and slashed female cop’s throat

A female police officer was stabbed to death by a Tunisian migrant knifeman, who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar”, at the entrance of a police station in Rambouillet, France earlier this afternoon.

The reports about the Islamist cry come from police union official François Bersani, with another source saying that the yet unnamed 49-year-old victim was ambushed by the Islamist after returning to the station house upon changing the parking disc in her car.

He slit her throat and was subsequently shot, while colleagues tried to help the attacked officer – who tragically died from her injuries.

The attack was confirmed by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who said on Twitter that “a police officer was the victim of a knife attack at the Rambouillet police station…”

National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, who is currently neck and neck with Emmanuel Macron ahead of the 2022 French Presidential election, said: “The same horrors keep happening, the same infinite sadness when thinking of the relatives and colleagues of this policewoman, the same profiles of people who are guilty of this barbarism, the same Islamist motives.

“We can’t take it anymore.”

The heartbreaking incident, with a victim who is a mother of two children, is just the latest in a wave of migrant crime hitting the continent in recent years.

Earlier this month we reported on an incident in northern Italy, where cops were assaulted by a migrant who boasted that “in Ghana I would have slit your throat”, going on to taunt them by saying that “in Italy, justice sucks and you can do nothing to me.”

We’ve also reported on the shocking case of killer migrant Kobili Traoré, who killed Jewish schoolteacher Sarah Halimi but avoided a murder trial because of his fifteen spliffs a day drug habit – which judges used as evidence that he’d carried out his sick slaying during a “delirious fit“.