Pro-EU campaigns re-launch as Europhile Labour MPs lobby Starmer

The pro-EU parliamentary Labour party has reportedly been making moves to urge Sir Keir Starmer to back a closer relationship for Brexit Britain with Brussels.

The timing coincides with the publication of a number of reports from pro-Remain lobby groups including the left-wing Another Europe Is Possible campaign and the relaunch of the organisation, Best For Britain, founded by notorious anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller.

Best For Britain campaigned to stop Brexit for years after the historic vote in 2016, lobbying vigorously for a second referendum before Boris Johnson’s landslide electoral success put an end to the debate.

Its digital re-launch event is scheduled for Monday at 10am where the group is joined by arch Europhiles Join Emily Thornberry MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Sir David Lidington and Sir Peter Westmacott.

And a report by Another Europe Is Possible has been seized upon by Remain campaigners as they urge the Labour Party to revisit the Brexit agreement and argue for closer trade and economic cooperation, more harmonisation with EU regulations and restoration of membership to EU projects such as the Erasmus programme.

Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East, said: “This important new report shows what a disastrous trade deal the Conservatives have struck with the EU, and why we shouldn’t back away from campaigning for an alternative.

“We need a deal that is committed to high regulation, protects manufacturing jobs, and restores citizens’ rights and freedom of movement.”

Recent polling indicated a majority (60%) of Labour members would support the party campaigning to rejoin the European Union, however this figure is out of kilter with the majority of Labour voters, particularly in its historic heartlands of Wales and the north of England.

Labour peer Andrew Adonis has ramped up his rhetoric recently also on social media, insisting Britain should rejoin the EU more than three months after the UK left the dysfunctional single market and more than a year after Brexit.

The re-start of a pro-EU movement has been in the wings for some time, with Labour MP Rosie Duffield revealing back in January that Labour lawmakers weren’t accepting that the Brexit question was settled.

“No, I’m not giving up,” she told a Huffington Post podcast. “All the groups that I was involved with are already calling themselves ‘Rejoiners’. They’re starting to think about that. I think, maybe it’s a little bit too soon, but we might as well start to build a movement.”