“Enough is enough”: Parents of London stabbing victims speak out

Relatives of London stabbing victims have spoken out about their ordeal as one accuses London’s Labour mayor Sadiq Khan of “looking the other way” while senseless violence engulfs the capital.

22-year-old Sven Badzak was brutally stabbed to death in Februrary, when the aspiring lawyer went out to buy himself a bagel. Two men, Rashid Gedel and Shiroh Ambersley, have been charged with his murder and an additional four men have been arrested in connection with the crime.

His mother Jasna Badzak said: “The level of violence and particularly knife crime is a stain on the once great city of London. Enough is enough, parents should not have to go through what I have suffered. Now a 14-year-old boy is dead. When will this stop? While this is happening Sadiq Khan is twiddling his thumbs.”

19-year-old Mohammed Usman Mirza was killed in November 2019 in what Detective Chief Inspector Chris Soole called “a particularly vicious attack.”

Imran Mirza said: “Nothing has changed since my son died and if anything things are worse. These boys are becoming desensitised to violence. In the schools they need to teach them some humanity at an early age… The kids are living in fear, more action is need at all levels.”

Their stories represent two incidents in what is quickly becoming a disturbing crime wave in the capital, with tales of horrific street stabbings becoming ever more commonplace.

This site reported in February on a spree of seemingly random street stabbings that hit Croydon over the course of a single night, leaving a man dead and many more injured.

A fortnight ago we drew attention to the jailing of five criminals who participated in a brutal pack beatdown of an off-duty London copper, stealing his watch and his warrant card. Disturbingly, despite only five being caught, the attack involved twelve assailants.

And one week ago we reported on a brutal slaying carried out by three teens with a “rambo knife” on a London Tube train.

Last weekend we highlighted how three London thugs had stabbed a man to death in front of a 6-year-old girl simply because a gang boss had told one to get “notches on your blade”.

On Friday two thugs were handed life sentences after slaying Asante Campbell before going out clubbing – but the dirtbags could be back on the street before they reach the age of forty.

And on Saturday youngster Fares Maatou was named as the victim of yet another slaying, being stabbed to death on the same day that Asante Campbell’s killers were caged.

Attempting to defend Khan’s disgusting record on knife crime, a spokesperson said: “He regularly meets with bereaved families and feels a deep personal responsibility to them. Despite devastating government cuts to police and youth services, he has invested over £1 billion in policing and more than £70 million in preventative youth services.”