Abu Hamza’s son caged for drug dealing after cops found £30,000 stash

The son of hook-handed Islamic hate preacher Abu Hamza has been jailed for four years after authorities busted him with £30,000 worth of drugs.

Cops found Yasser Mostafa Kamel’s massive drugs stash, which included coke, ecstasy, and ketamine, when carrying out a separate search on his £1,600 a month flat in London.

Judge Deborah Taylor explained Kamel’s crimes, saying that there was “evidence you were dealing to individuals, the drugs were high purity and the circumstances of the drugs show you have close links to the original source and the expectation of substantial financial gain.”

Defending the drug dealer, William Evans claimed that he’d turned to the drugs trade while trying to “renovate a shisha cafe in Northolt”, before claiming he’d endured difficulties with financial institutions because of his father’s notoriety.

His father, Abu Hamza, was jailed in the UK for years on inciting violence and racial hate, and was caged for life by the Americans in 2014 after they found him guilty of eleven terror charges.

Despite his sick views and contempt for western society, Hamza’s massive family continued to live on taxpayer handouts and were known to occupy an outrageous £1.2m council house in West London as recently as 2016.

It isn’t his first brush with the criminal justice system. He was jailed in 2010 after attacking police at an anti-Israel protest in the capital, with prosecutor Benn Maguire saying Kamel had been “an active and enthusiastic participant” in “what we would say is serious public disorder”.

Judge John Denniss sent Kamel, who was then 20, to a youth detention facility despite the arguments of his legal representation, saying that video clips of the offence “demonstrate the gravity and seriousness of what was taking place during this. This was extremely serious.”

In 2008 he avoided jail after being done on a burglary charge, admitting that he’d stolen a £1,000 laptop but getting off with just 120 hours of community service.