Nearly 200 more Channel migrants landed in Britain today

More migrants have illegally landed in Britain after crossing the Channel by small boat today, with one journalist on the ground estimating today’s numbers at 180 to 190 spread across ten boats.

On top of huge numbers ferried into Dover by the UK’s impotent Border Force, more are alleged to have landed on a beach on the Kent coast.

Another local reporter, capturing footage of one boat landing, compared the scenes to Groundhog Day – with top migration think tank Migration Watch calculating that 1,362 illegals came by small boat in the first three months of the year alone, nearly triple the rate seen in 2020.

If that uptick in pace continues all year, it would see an unprecedented 23,088 migrants land in the country in 2021 – the equivalent of 23 military battalions, five military brigades, or two army divisions.

Responding to the footage on social media, members of the public expressed outrage and questioned why more wasn’t being done by central government to shut down the illegal entry.

“Didn’t Patel say a year ago she would make this route unviable?” asked one user while another said: “This is getting ridiculous.”

Others suggested that improving weather as the UK transitions through spring and into summer may see an even bigger and more terrifying uptick in numbers. “Wait until the summer” warned one comment ominously while another said: “As I’ve said multiple times before the weather controls illegal crossings – not the government”

The growing tide of unvetted illegal immigrants will concern many members of the British public, who reasonably perceive a serious national security risk from the uncontrolled inflow of unknown people from abroad.

This site reported earlier this month on how failed asylum seeker Azam Mangori came to Britain from Iraq on the back of a lorry, after travelling through numerous safe countries including Turkey, Greece, Germany, and France. The migrant, who had an unhealthy interest in amputation, eventually found his way to Exeter where he murdered and dismembered innocent Brit Lorraine Cox.