Sadiq Khan “specialised in suing the police” during legal career

Freedom of information disclosures have revealed that the law firm where Sadiq Khan once worked claimed a whopping £1.3 million in legal aid and sued the police 328 times during his years of employment.

Khan rose so far up the ranks at Christian Fisher after joining in 1994 that it was renamed Christian Khan in 2002, with Khan eventually leading its Head of Actions Against the Police department.

It’s already well known that the London Mayor worked as a solicitor for the Nation of Islam and fought their legal battle to overturn a ban on leader Louis Farrakhan entering the UK. He was ultimately blocked from entering the country and has gone on to publicly compare Jewish people to termites.

Khan also consulted for the defence of 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, who eventually pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill American citizens as part of the horrific attack that shook the world.

Responding to the shocking information about his firm’s actions against the police, his Conservative opponent for Londo Mayor Shaun Bailey said: “While I was a youth worker helping to improve relations between officers and the communities they served, Sadiq Khan was a lawyer who specialised in suing the police.

“It’s shocking but not surprising. After all, this is the mayor whose first action in office was to cut £38 million from police budgets — after his firm earned £1.3 million of public funds from suing the police.

“London needs safer streets and London’s police need support. But that can’t happen under a mayor who made a career out of suing the police.

“As mayor, I’ll back our police by recruiting 8,000 more officers and reopening the 38 police stations closed by Sadiq Khan. This is the fresh start our city needs.”

Khan’s history with the police as a lawyer, with his old firm’s website listing “actions against the police” as a specialty of his, will raise eyebrows in light of the shocking crime wave unfolding under his leadership.

In recent weeks this site has reported on a disturbing list of vile crimes taking place in the capital, with more horrific incidents seemingly happening on a near-daily basis. Among the stories was a twelve-man pack beat down of an off-duty cop, a brutal gang slaying on a Tube carried out with a “Rambo knife”, the sickening murder of an innocent man in front of a terrified six-year-old girl, and the random slaying of young father Asante Campbell by a pair of thugs who subsequently went out clubbing.