Adonis: “Reversing Brexit is achievable”

The UK’s Rejoin (formerly Remain) campaign continues its inauspicious relaunch following yesterday’s announcement the European Parliament had finally voted through the trade deal with Brexit Britain.

Eurofanatic Labour peer Andrew Adonis took to social media to vow the UK would return to the struggling bloc, tweeting: “The European Parliament just ratified the Brexit agreement with Britain. Our mission now is to reverse this and get Britain back into Europe, where we must be for our prosperity and security.”

In a later post, he stated unconvincingly: “Reversing Brexit is achievable. It is a case not of bringing Lazarus back to life but of telling Johnson, Farage, Gove and Cummings to get lost. A great democracy and a great people which can’t do that can’t achieve anything much.”

It would seem no one has pointed out recent polling to the fervently pro-EU peer, which puts the Tories between 9 and 13 points ahead of Labour.

On the previous day, in full anticipation of an EU Parliament vote in favour of the trade deal – it was near unanimous – Adonis tweeted: “A sad day for Britain & Europe, which needs to be reversed as soon as possible.”

His latest outburst follows a similarly futile rallying cry last week when he told social media followers he wanted Britain to rejoin “as soon as possible” and bizarrely claimed the pandemic had strengthened the case for Britain to again devolve power to Brussels.

His post was roundly mocked. Yesterday’s tweets were no different, although they did drag in the usual cabal of rejoiners roaming social media for encouraging signs Britain will lose her independence in the future.  

“Get back to us when it’s done Andy,” tweeted one person with a laughing emoji and another indicating Adonis had taken leave of his senses.

“That’s a no from me pet, but thanks for asking,” teased another tweeter whose online bio states, “No PC or woke shite thanks”.

To Adonis’ second tweet, someone queried: “Do you believe unicorns exist as well?”, another posted beneath an image of a ball and chain with the ball represented by the EU flag.

A third person slammed the point Adonis continuously seems to miss: “Where is the public outcry for the UK to rejoin?? It wasn’t Farage, Johnson and co who decided we should leave, it was the 52% of the electorate that decided we should be out,” the individual stated with aplomb.

During Britain’s slow grind towards independence following the 2016 referendum, the Labour lord cut an increasingly deranged figure as he delivered outlandish anti-Brexit claims with a straight face, combined with astounding arrogance.

He once stated matter-of-factly that the BBC was pro-Brexit, even though the public broadcaster has itself gained notoriety for sharing Adonis’s minority views in favour of EU integration.

On another occasion, Adonis told voters: “if you’re a Brexiteer, I hope you don’t vote Labour”. When the spectre of a general election loomed in 2019, he tried to retract the comment, a few months later, Labour’s Leave-voting ‘red wall’ in the north of England crumbled as Boris Johnson rode to victory, sealing independence for the 17.4 million.

It’s a challenging period for Remainers-turned-Rejoiners like Adonis who are trying to get the public on board with their crusade. Last week, the Gina Miller-founded Best for Britain group had an underwhelming relaunch with europhiles like Emily Thornberry and Caroline Lucas making the case for Britain to go backwards.

Our “future [is] back in the EU,” Green MP Lucas insisted.