Carole Cadwalladr apologises to Arron Banks AGAIN!

Arron Banks has won a second apology from Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr for one of her baseless claims of involvement with Kremlin meddling.

Banks has been locked in a drawn-out defamation case against Cadwalladr, who became a heroine of the liberal left for her series of meandering articles about Russian interference and big data in the aftermath of Britain’s historic decision to leave the EU. Having won the adulation of liberals across the Atlantic, she stepped up her spurious allegations against Banks. Passionately and persistently writing about invisible links with Vladimir Putin.

In November, Cadwalladr admitted she had no evidence to back her claims. At the time, Guido Fawkes hinted her decision to retract just before a hearing might have been a ploy to maximise revenue from her crowdfunding campaigns set up to pay for her mounting court costs.

“Sad that ordinary folks are putting out cash to defend her lies,” tweeted top conservative commentator, Raheem Kassam in response to today’s apology.  

In fact, today’s statement by Cadwalladr relates to not one but two funding sites of hers that bilged “untruths” of a “secret relationship” between Banks and the Russian government (see the apology below in full).

Cadwalladr insists that it was not her who had written the allegations posted on the crowdfunding pages.

Banks told Guido: Yet another apology – it’s about time Carole dropped her court case, apologise and stop wasting her donors’ money and the court’s time.” 

The blogger pointedly observes she is unlikely to give up in spite of the eye-watering cost of the court battle – Banks estimates bills to total a million pounds by the time it goes to trial – as it would mean letting down her conspiracy-toting supporters as well as the Remain/Rejoin movement that is trying to get back into the public debate. Unfortunately for them, the media is more interested in the wallpaper at Downing Street at present.

Cadwalladr has often cut a deranged figure in her public appearances discussing Brexit, big data and Russia, making her a prime target for mockery.

“If you’re crowd-funding Carole Cadwalladr, you may as well cut out the middle man and send the money directly to Arron Banks and his lawyers,” tweeted one individual.

“Has she ever written anything truthful?” joked another, to which a fellow tweeter replied, “The retractions”, accompanied by a tears of laughter emoji.

Another person joshed: “More reverse gears than the Italian army.”

And there’s a lot more where that came from…