Former French minister: “Those who deny the link between immigration and terrorism have blood on their hands”

A former French minister has delivered a withering attack against pro-multicultural elites, asserting his countrymen “see very well that there is a link between immigration and terrorism” and that the nation is in danger of collapsing if it does not rediscover “a politics of civilisation” to counter “Islamo-leftism”.

Former culture secretary and Eurosceptic Philippe de Villiers issued his warnings in the aftermath of last week’s shocking terrorist killing at a police station outside Paris.

Jihadist, Jamel Gorchene stabbed a female member of staff of the police station in Rambouillet, 20 miles south west of the capital. Gorchene was killed at the scene. The 36-year migrated from Tunisia in 2009 illegally, gaining full residency in 2020. He was not on the security services’ radar before committing the atrocity.

Appearing on CNEWS, de Villiers said: “The French see very well that there is a link between immigration and terrorism. Immigration is the breeding ground for Islam which is the breeding ground for Islamism which is the breeding ground for terrorism.” 

Speaking solemnly and deliberately, he added, “I choose my words carefully, what I am saying is very serious” before launching an attack against the establishment, the left in particular, which remains dominant in the French capital but weak across the country, much like the UK.

Evoking the language of Nazis “collaborators” during the Second World War, de Villiers stated: “Those who refuse to make a link between immigration and terrorism have blood on their hands, they are collaborators who are preparing us for what Houellebecq called the great submission,” a reference to anti-Islamic writer, Michel Houellebecq whose novel Submission depicts a Muslim Party defeating the National Front (now the National Rally) at the 2022 presidential election.

The book was published on the same day as the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting by Islamic extremists.

De Villiers continued: “The collaborators of leftist Islam… are seeking excuses for the scandalously naturalised killer Jamel [Gorchene].

“The challenge at the next presidential election is either we find a policy of civilisation, or we let the country collapse and the adventure end. It is either ‘refrenchisation’ or the adventure ends.” 

De Villiers previously made a run for the French presidency in 2007 leading national party, Movement for France. He had started his political career on the centre-right, serving under Jacques Chirac’s government in the nineteen-eighties.

Movement for France, dissolved in 2018, but De Villiers, continues to be an influential public figure. A 2019 book revealed Emmanuel Macron’s aides were shocked the president courted De Villiers. France’s first lady is understood to be a huge admirer.

His words will chime with the millions of supporters of National Rally leader Marine Le Pen who some polls and commentators have identified as most likely to win next year’s pivotal election.