German MEP claims EU is “finished financially” and calls for Dexit

A German MEP has declared the European Union under Ursula von der Leyen is “finished financially” and as the sole powerhouse of the bloc post-Brexit, Germany must be the next to leave.

Dr Gunnar Beck, a politician for the Eurosceptic AfD party, warned that the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the long-standing anti-democratic nature of the European Commission meant that Dexit had become a “necessity”.

“We consider Germany’s exit from the European Union and the founding of a new European economic and interest group to be necessary,” announced Beck before he claimed “there are many arguments in favour of Germany leaving the EU.

“The EU is anti-democratic at its core. Many other international organisations are too, but no other organisation enjoys such excessive power as the EU does.

“The euro is a currency that has had to be saved every year since 2010 with more than 100 billion.

“These costs are already tangible for savers because they do not get any profits anymore and are thereby insidiously dispossessed. The taxpayers will get to experience all this still.”

“The EU is finished financially, it destroys our social state by overwhelming it and by de-Europeanising Europe.

“This is exactly why the Dexit or Gexit resolution of the AfD is correct and the profession for further close cooperation with those of our neighbours who are still of sound mind is just as important.

“We have to emphasise that Europe only has a future if we save Europe from the EU.”

A recent conference attended by 600 delegates of the Alternative für Deutschland party confirmed it will contest elections later this year on an anti-EU, anti-immigration platform.