Woke primary school that banned phrase “boys and girls” faces fierce backlash

The headteacher of a primary school that has declared phrases such as “Good morning, boys and girls” as sexist has been blasted for over-the-top woke political correctness.

Teachers at Anderton Park primary school in Moseley, Birmingham have been ordered to refrain from using terms like “let’s go, guys” and “boys and girls”, with children as young as three being taught to flag “sexist” terms for which they are rewarded with certificates at the end of the week.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the head teacher and self-proclaimed “equality warrior”, said: “The phrase ‘Good morning boys and girls’ is not used in this school. Instead all teachers say, ‘Good morning everyone’.

“Girls have posters they hold up every time one of the teachers says, ‘Come on guys’. The posters say, ‘Sir, I am not a guy.’ Sometimes the teacher still forgets and it slips out, but our training here shows that if you are resolute you can stamp this out.”

Hewitt-Clarkson made the extraordinary link between teachers using the word ‘guy’ and the sexual assault and murder of women.

“Sexism is a spectrum which extends from a teacher using the word ‘guys’ and not meaning anything harmful by it … to the rape, torture and murder of women. All these things are part of a jigsaw that suggests girls are lesser than boys. We have to unpick all the ways that that idea is drip-fed into our consciousness.”

Broadcaster Nana Akua hit back at the headteacher’s anti-sexism policy, telling Good Morning Britain: “I’d be very worried if this woman was teaching my kids – it is absolutely ridiculous! What I think we are doing here now is dissecting language in the most clinical form and then creating a generation of wallflower kids who are literally listening for an offence!

“It is getting to the point where we are losing a grip here! We need to be looking at the context of language. Things said in a certain way in different context means completely different things. To say ‘good morning, guys’ – if you’re seriously picking that apart then I feel perhaps your energy is in the wrong place.”

Chris McGovern, a former primary school head and chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told MailOnline: “This is about adults who have a neuroses about gender and are hoisting their own anxieties onto the shoulders of young children.   

“By trying to correct a children’s language at a very early age, one is actually limiting, restraining and burdening them with an anxiety they don’t need. 

“This is an attempt to control language, which is a very sinister development. It is part of a woke philosophy across education, an unstoppable tsunami of Wokeism.”