Lawless London: more stabbings as youngster knifed on his way to school

More vicious stabbings occurred in London yesterday as the capital continues to find itself in the grip of a horrific crime wave under the leadership of Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

A 13-year-old youngster was shockingly knifed on his way to school shortly before 9am yesterday on the Isle of Dogs, requiring the help of an air ambulance as he was rushed to hospital to see his wounds treated.

He is said to be in critical condition having received multiple stabbings in the chest.

Another teen has been arrested in relation to the incident and Georges Green School said: “There was a serious incident in the local community this morning affecting a George Green’s School student.

“We are working with the local authority, the police and other agencies to manage the incident and support all the young people involved.

“The families of any young people who were directly affected have been contacted by the school.

“There is likely to be an increased and more visible police presence in and around the school today.”

Shortly after 5pm the same day, a 40-year-old man was pronounced dead on the scene of a separate stabbing incident in Willesden. Police have now launched a murder investigation in the hopes of finding the culprit, although they still have yet to identify the victim.

The stories add to a chilling picture of a lawless capital where life is characterised by a rising tide of terrifying senseless violence. The double stabbing could be seen as a lighter day for crime in London, given that ten people were stabbed in a single night in Croydon alone back in February, in a string of incidents that are all the more chilling because they were seemingly random and unconnected.

On Tuesday we reported on the heartbreaking words of two parents whose kids had been taken from them by the rising epidemic of crime in the city, with one accusing Mayor Khan of “twiddling his thumbs”.

In recent weeks this site has reported on a disturbing list of vile crimes taking place in the capital, with more horrific incidents seemingly happening on a near-daily basis. Among the stories was a twelve-man pack beat down of an off-duty cop, a brutal gang slaying on a Tube carried out with a “Rambo knife”, the sickening murder of an innocent man in front of a terrified six-year-old girl, and the random slaying of young father Asante Campbell by a pair of thugs who subsequently went out clubbing.