Macron humiliated as he fails to deliver on anti-UK vaccine boast

Emmanuel Macron faces humiliation after failing to deliver on a delusional boast last month that his flailing national jabbing effort would catch up to the world class British vaccine roll-out within “a few weeks”.

This site reported on the 29th of March that the beleaguered French President had boasted that “in a few weeks we will have completely caught up with the British, who will meanwhile be increasingly dependent on us to vaccinate their population.”

But now, more than a month later, statistics from number crunching boffins Our World in Data show that the French are still lagging way behind the British as NHS healthcare heroes continue their efforts to protect the public from the hated coronavirus.

The rate of vaccination in the UK is still more than double that of France, with 50% of the entire UK population having received their first shot as of the 27th of April, compared to just 21.4% of French citizens. The UK figure includes a whopping 91.5% of the 45+ age demographic, who are the most at risk of fatality.

It seems like Macron has quite a way to go before his vaccination scheme has “completely caught up with the British”…

Most impressively, the UK is pulling far ahead of the French on all-important second doses, which boost protection from the virus to truly impressive levels.

Second doses have been central to the French strategy from the beginning of their roll-out, as public health experts there shied away from the UK’s bold decision to delay the second jab to a twelve week interval. Some European leaders even had the gall to call the British strategy reckless, despite it now paying off in spades.

As such, France maintained a slender lead over the UK in second doses until the 24th of March, five days before Macron’s boast, when Brexit Britain pulled away massively.

The UK has now fully vaccinated 20% of its population as of the 27th of April, while France had fully jabbed just 8.7%, and the gap in per capita delivery of two doses is growing by the day.

The failure to deliver on his mad boast comes at a rough time for the French leader, who in recent days has seen a host of retired military generals and lower ranked officers come out to warn that the country is on the brink of civil war under his leadership.

With his failure to get the coronavirus under control and his failure to tackle a rising Islamism crisis, is it any wonder that nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen is within striking distance of him in the latest French opinion polls?