Tories increase poll lead over failing Labour despite media attacks

The Tories have increased their poll lead over Labour in two major new polls carried out since the mainstream media intensified their desperate attacks over so-called Tory “sleaze” – with left-wing news outlets focusing obsessively on wallpaper in Downing Street while ordinary Brits continue to praise the government’s amazing world class vaccine roll-out.

The new data comes from Number Cruncher Politics UK, who polled over a thousand people on Wednesday and Thursday, and from YouGov, who saw Labour slip a point while the Tories held steady over the last week.

The Number Cruncher poll shows The Tories up a point while Labour’s support falls by 3 points compared to their last survey in mid-March.

Continuing polling leads for Boris Johnson’s government, as the country heads towards local elections in May, highlight the dwindling influence of the legacy media – who have attempted to drum up weak scandals over the last week as left-wing party boss Keir Starmer continues to flounder in the polls.

This site reported last week how the Prime Minister had hit back at loony left attacks on his government following the leak of private talks with top British businessman James Dyson, who contacted the PM to ensure his global workers wouldn’t be hit with eye-watering financial penalties if they came to Britain temporarily to make ventilators for our NHS.

“If you think there’s something dodgy about trying to secure more ventilators during a pandemic I think you’re out of your mind,” said Boris.

Interestingly the media seems to be less interested in significantly more damaging stories that are currently hitting Labour, including the party’s suspension of seven councillors in Peterborough over antisemitism fears.

New data also reveals the Tories are closing the gap on Labour in Wales as they remain on track for their best ever performance since the introduction of the Welsh Assembly.

Figures from Savanta ComRes see the Tory vote surging by six points in constituency voting intentions and rising by five points in the list vote compared to their 2016 performance, with the newly established Abolish the Assembly Party also seeing four points of support in constituency voting and a whopping eight points in the list.