Death threats for head teacher as London school is attacked for being “run by white people”

Police are investigating death threats against the head teacher of Harris Academy Tottenham according to reports from top education news site Schools Week.

An online campaign against the school seemingly started with a petition launched by PE teacher Joshua Adusei, who accused the school of “institutional racism” and demanded the resignation of the new acting principal and head of the academy.

The Harris Federation has called the campaign “misleading, vindictive and vexatious” and claimed that school leaders are “having their wellbeing and safety jeopardised.”

The two central gripes behind the petition are the permanent exclusion of three black students – although the petitioner Adusei does not provide any details about the circumstances surrounding such a severe disciplinary action – and strange claims that the school’s new “zero tolerance behaviour policy” somehow “disproportionately affects BAME and SEN students.”

Adusei was subsequently suspended, with students protesting the action taken against him, and ultimately dismissed by the school, but the head teacher has now faced death threats with the Metropolitan Police confirming that investigations over “malicious communications” have been made.

In one now-deleted comment, the school was slammed for being “run by white people… who don’t understand the children” in racist remarks that are reminiscent of left-wing graffiti daubed near Pimlico Academy – also in the capital.

Students there staged a woke walkout last term over the flying of the union flag and new uniform policies that aimed to stop the disruption of learning, amid a semi-literate vandalism campaign that included slogans like “white schools for brown kids are u mad” and “aint no black in the Union Jack”.

Taken together with the outrageous scenes outside Batley Grammar School in Yorkshire in March, which saw a teacher suspended amid death threats and the protests of an angry Muslim mob, it paints a grim picture for academic freedom and traditional British schooling in the twenty-first century…