French MP gets put in his place after claiming Macron is beating UK in jabs

Politician Julien Borowczyk has been humiliated on French television after claiming that the French are beating Brexit Britain in the coronavirus jabbing race.

He claimed specifically that the French were ahead of Britain in the delivery of second doses – despite the UK having fully vaccinated more than twice as many people as France.

The clueless political lightweight, who has represented Loire’s 6th constituency for Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche! party since 2017, was trying to deflect from the failure of Macron’s government to protect its people from the virus in a timely manner as their national jabbing effort lags far behind the UK’s.

“They are administering second doses much faster than us” retorted Philippe Corbé, before Borowczyk doubled down in his misinformation by claiming: “For the moment they are a long way behind us in terms of the number of people having had a second dose.”

Corbé subsequently pulled up the hard figures and caught Borowczyk decisively in his lie. His face was quite a picture…

This site reported yesterday that the beleaguered French president, who is struggling to see off an insurgent Marine Le Pen ahead of 2022’s presidential election, had failed in his mad boast to catch up with the UK’s jabbing effort “completely” in just a few weeks – a boast he made just five days after the UK first started soaring past the French in second doses of the jab.

Shockingly, despite his pathetic grasp on the numbers, Borowczyk was in fact the chair of a recent French inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic and was charged with publishing a mammoth report on how it unfolded as recently as December.

With such incompetence from senior members of Macron’s own party, and with a throng of retired generals and French military personnel claiming the country is on the brink of civil war over Macron’s failed handling of the Islamism crisis, is it any wonder that nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen is posing such a strong threat?