Lefties attack cops and smash windows in Paris riot

Chaos has broken out once again in the French capital, as assorted left wingers gathered to celebrate International Worker’s Day – with the gathering inevitably devolving into a violent riot as left-wing “protests” so frequently have in recent months.

The left wing thugs have hurled fireworks and projectiles at riot police, and some have even stepped up and confronted them directly in a stark image of the grim breakdown of authority on Macron’s watch.

Later in the day, a small group of terrified riot cops found themselves isolated by the mob, who chased them down the street hurling objects at them – including wheelie bins.

In one of the clips, a left winger carrying a communist flag can be seen kicking in the window of a storefront before the police can charge in to secure the area.

Things got so heated that a water cannon eventually had to be deployed at the Place de la Nation, in a bid to disperse the leftist protesters.

The shocking images of wanton violence on the streets of the French capital will affirm, in the minds of many, the warnings of a throng of senior retired military generals that the country finds itself on the brink of a deadly civil war because of Emmanuel Macron’s increasingly pathetic leadership.

But while Macron’s especially weak leadership is leading to a surge in support for nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen, his is not the only country to see the streets trashed by out of control left wing rioters in recent months.

Britain was shocked back in March by outrageous scenes of anti-police violence in left wing hotbed Bristol, with anarchist thugs kicking in a police station, battering cops, and torching a police van while officers were still trapped inside – an act which local police federation chairman Andy Roebuck dubbed “attempted murder”.

And further afield in the United States, Minneapolis saw several nights of rioting amid the trial of former cop Derek Chauvin, in scenes which many legal commentators have said may have interfered with his right to a fair trial.

Top US lawyer Alan Dershowitz suggested that subsequent comments by Congresswoman Maxine Waters were akin to the tactics of the Ku Klux Klan, and predicted that Chauvin’s conviction would be overturned by the United States Supreme Court.