Pressure mounts on Patel as foreign paedos remain on our streets

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has come in for criticism as outrage grows over the continued presence of convicted groomers Qari Abdul Rauf and Adil Khan in our country.

Locals were shocked last month when Pakistani groomer Rauf was spotted back in Rochdale, where many of his victims will still reside, and now the MP for nearby Heywood & Middleton, Chris Clarkson, has held urgent talks with Ms Patel to ensure moves are being made to boot them out of Britain.

This site reported on Tuesday that the Home Secretary had blasted Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham over his supposed failure to use his police powers to dole out Sexual Harm Prevention Orders to the perverts, preventing them from stepping foot in Rochdale.

“Andy Burnham has failed the residents of greater Manchester” said Patel. “As mayor he should use all the levers at his disposal to keep his residents safe.”

Local cops said the orders couldn’t issued without new evidence of the threat they pose, but local MP Clarkson said “there is no way a reasonable person could come to the conclusion these individuals are anything but” dangerous.

But now Patel has come in for criticism too over the Home Office’s failure to deport these sick creeps for many years.

Bev Hughes, who serves as Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Fire, said: “This is yet more deflection from a Home Secretary who has had years to do right by victims but has ultimately failed to carry out her own responsibilities.

“The Home Secretary needs to deliver on promises she made. Instead of talking, it is well past time that she acted to deport these criminals.”

And even local Tory Clarkson has taken aim too, branding the failure to deport the criminals “utterly unacceptable”.

“I share the outrage of my constituents across Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale that the perpetrators of these evil crimes, which have robbed young people of their childhoods, are still walking the streets of our communities” he said.

“I have made clear to the Home Secretary that this is utterly unacceptable and I have been assured that she is taking the necessary steps to ensure that these criminals are removed from our country as quickly as possible.”