Top judge quits in protest after migrant dodges murder charge because he was high on dope

A French-Jewish judge has handed in his robes and quit his post in protest following a ruling by the Court of Cassation, one of France’s courts of last appeal, which saw killer migrant Muslim Kobili Traoré dodge a murder charge because of his fifteen spliffs a day drug habit.

This site reported last month on the warped case of the Malian migrant, who threw a Jewish teacher out of a window to her death before bragging that he had “killed the Shaitan”. Despite his grisly crime, he was found to be not criminally responsible because he’d seemingly done the deed in the midst of a “delirious fit” brought on by his mad drug habit.

The decision of the Court of Cassation to uphold that ruling has sparked protests in France, with thousands showing up in Paris last weekend to express their utter disgust.

And now they’ve been joined by top French judge Jack Broda, who told Le Figaro that his “first reaction” to the news “was to say to myself: am I dreaming? To protest, I decided to resign from my post. My resignation was accepted… and regretted.”

He went on to slam the idea of justice by “experts”, saying that “there is the law and the spirit of the law. There is no automatic response to a legal problem through expertise, because the expert expresses an opinion, which must be corroborated by all the documents in the file.”

He called for jurists to be trained in judicial ethics, just like doctors must study medical ethics, and asked: “what is this justice that takes up the cause of what appears to be an anti-Semitic assassination?”

In addition, he demanded that the law be updated to prevent the “delirious fit” defence from being used by people who intentionally abuse drink and drugs and go on to commit heinous crimes.

“If the person wanted to put himself in this position of delirium: if he drinks, takes drugs, he therefore seeks a state which should allow him to break the law” said Broda. “In this case obviously Kobili Traoré is criminally responsible because according to the Latin axiom: Nemo auditur propriam turpitudinem allegans (No one is admissible to invoke his own turpitude.)”

Judge Jack Broda had served on the respected Tribunal of Commerce of Nancy prior to his decision to pack it in and speak out about the outrageous decision.