Council bans male pronouns in fit of woke madness

Stafford Borough Council has torn male pronouns like he, his and him out of its constitution as part of a woke-inspired drive to make the document more inclusive.

The move towards gender-neutrality, approved at this month’s annual council meeting, dictates the three male pronouns will be replaced by “they” “them” and “their.”

However, the changes don’t go far enough, says Councillor Gillian Pardesi, who has called for female pronouns alongside male pronouns at previous meetings.

Pardesi said: “I have to say the fact that references to ‘chairman’ and ‘chairmen’ remain in our constitution makes a mockery of our equality and diversity policy.”

Tory Councillor, Marnie Phillips, who rather pompously identifies herself “an LGBTQ ally” pushed for the outright removal of all male pronouns. Phillips said: “With regards to the review of the constitution I do support the changes, however I wish to raise an amendment to the proposal to replace all references to ‘he, him, his’ to ‘he/she, him/her or his/her’.”

“As an LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) ally I am conscious that our constitution should be representative of all members of the community and that includes non-binary. To ensure that council members of the future from Stafford Borough’s LGBTQ community are comfortable with the terminology that’s used I would like to propose replacing those references of he/she, him/her and his/her with they, their and them.”

Labour member Councillor Angela Loughran supported Phillips’ amendment, and also took the opportunity to take a swipe at the Conservative group in the Council complaining that the changes to the constitution were “political correctness going mad”.

“I must now congratulate Councillor Phillips for encouraging her more churlish – perhaps Luddite – fellow councillors in the Conservative group to move into the present day and for using Councillor Pardesi’s initial proposal to bring the language in Stafford Borough Council’s constitution to a level which is more representative to all members of the community living in Stafford Borough,” Loughran said.

She added: “I hope perhaps in future members of the Conservative group will be a bit more gracious and less dismissive of proposals presented from members of the Labour group and other political parties.”

The woke obsession with gendered pronouns extends far beyond Stafford Borough Council. Teachers at Anderton Park primary school in Moseley, Birmingham have been ordered to refrain from using terms like “let’s go, guys” and “boys and girls”, with children as young as three being taught to flag “sexist” terms for which they are rewarded with certificates at the end of the week.

The head teacher of the Moseley school, self-proclaimed “equality warrior” Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, made the extraordinary link between teachers using the word ‘guy’ and the sexual assault and murder of women.

“Sexism is a spectrum which extends from a teacher using the word ‘guys’ and not meaning anything harmful by it… to the rape, torture and murder of women. All these things are part of a jigsaw that suggests girls are lesser than boys. We have to unpick all the ways that that idea is drip-fed into our consciousness.”

Chris McGovern, a former primary school head and chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told MailOnline: “This is an attempt to control language, which is a very sinister development. It is part of a woke philosophy across education, an unstoppable tsunami of Wokeism.”