Over 500 failed asylum seekers each year attempt to sneak back in to Britain

Hundreds of asylum seekers are trying to get back into the UK after they’ve already been here and had their applications rejected, the Sun reports. Astonishingly, some are successful the second time around, a state of affairs that has been branded a “disgrace” by Migration Watch.

Over 500 failed asylum seekers a year are attempting to re-enter British shores. Figures show there have been 1,684 cases over the last three years of illegal migrants attempting to re-enter Britain from African countries such as Somalia, Uganda, Libya and Ethiopia. Asian migrants commonly come over from Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and China. In total, 88 were successful the second time round having initially been rejected, which begs big questions about the diligence of British asylum officers.

In 2017, one asylum seeker was deported back to Italy, where they had first entered the European Union, but somehow managed to arrive back in the UK for a second effort just 24 hours later.

UK border force intercepted almost 200 migrants in the Channel yesterday, taking the total number of official illegal crossings past the 2,000 mark. UK Border Force and their French counterparts clam to have prevented a further 2,500 people from making the dangerous crossing to Britain.  

Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: “The ease with which failed asylum seekers have been able to creep back into the UK is nothing short of a disgrace.”

Smuggling gangs are known to be behind a large number of the illegal crossings across the Channel. In July last year, eleven members of a gang using small boats and dinghies for cross-Channel trafficking were arrested in a bust by UK police. It seems likely police were just scratching the surface.

Responding to the deepening illegal immigration crisis facing the UK, a Home Office spokesperson said: “We will continue to encourage asylum via safe and legal routes whilst at the same time toughening our stance towards illegal entry and the criminals that endanger life by enabling it.”