Brexit Britain to the rescue as 1000 more ventilators sent to help India

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed that “the UK will always be there for India” after the country moved to send 1,000 more ventilators to the virus-stricken Commonwealth country – having shipped over 200 last week.

“The terrible images we have seen in India in recent weeks are all the more powerful because of the close and enduring connection between the people of the UK and India” said Boris.

“I am deeply moved by the surge of support the British people have provided to the people of India and am pleased the UK Government has been able to play our part in providing life-saving assistance.

“The UK will always be there for India in its time of need.”

The UK’s top boffins in the fight against the virus, Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valance, have also been providing assistance to India’s top medical experts and sharing key information they’ve gleaned from Britain’s struggle with Covid.

Brexit Britain is well placed to help Commonwealth pals in India with the virus, having entered an “endemic” stage of the outbreak in recent weeks thanks to its independent and highly successful vaccine roll-out – which has left European countries, under the yoke of bungled Brussels procurement, lagging far behind.

The UK is set today to have crossed yet another important milestone, with a whopping fifty million doses of vaccine doled out to Brits to protect them from the virus, as the country continues its path to normality ahead of June’s planned lifting of remaining lockdown measures.

Many Brits will see the huge ventilator shipment as a stunning reminder of Britain’s inherent generosity and goodness, after critics expressed concern about the UK cutting its obscene foreign aid budget in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Surely it’s better for the UK to provide rapid and targeted assistance like this, instead of sending millions in cash handouts to some of the world’s most corrupt regimes…