Communist China slammed for mocking Indian Covid crisis

The Communist Party of China has been slammed after the official social media account of one of its wings, the Commission for Political and Legal Affairs, made an outrageous post mocking India’s mounting coronavirus death toll.

In a comment posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo, which has more than half a billion active users in the communist country, an arm of the CPC’s central committee posted a photograph of a Chinese space rocket launch alongside a snap of Indian health officials burning the bodies of coronavirus victims – with the disgusting caption “When China sets things on fire vs when India does it.”

The horrific gag, about the victims of a global pandemic that started in China and spread worldwide because of Chinese state attempts to cover up the scale of the crisis, has been roundly condemned by commentators but also saw Chinese social media users gleefully chime in with further sick remarks – including one reply joking that both countries were “sending men to the heavens”

Vice News producer Tony Lin highlighted yet more “sickening gloating” coming out of the Chinese social media ecosystem.

But other Chinese social media users were disgusted by the comments, eventually resulting in its deletion. Mengyu Dong quoted one saying: “I apologize to Indian people on my own behalf. The post by [Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission‘s] Weibo acct doesn’t represent me. We live on the same planet… We feel your sufferings.”

The ghastly comments from an official arm of the Chinese Communist Party will send chills down the spine of many, especially in light of revelations that the UK has been sending tens of millions of pounds to the surging economic powerhouse, and will continue to deliver huge funds to the country despite boasts of a 95% cut to foreign aid.

After what the Chinese state has inflicted on the world in the last year, why should we be sending them a single penny?