Labour already eyeing coalition in Wales as they brace for losses

Labour’s Welsh leader Mark Drakeford has suggested that his party could form a coalition in Cardiff after this Thursday’s Senedd elections, where Labour is expected to suffer heavy losses against a surging Conservative Party.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday yesterday, he said that Welsh Labour has “always worked across party lines, where other progressive parties can agree on a programme for government.

“That’s always been the way I approach it, I’m not interested at all in political fixes – if we need to work with other parties, let’s see if we can have a progressive programme for a progressive nation.”

This site reported in March on brutal Cardiff University polling which suggested Labour were on course to lose a quarter of their seats in the Welsh Senedd – numbers which would see Labour lose an additional three MPs if translated into a general election.

But Mr Drakeford retains fairly high personal approval ratings, with 57% of Welsh voters saying he’s doing a good job in the role, despite a number of bizarre blunders that have turned him into a figure of attention across the UK.

In January we reported how a barmy Welsh government decree had tied the hands of local authorities in dealing with the gypsy takeover of a local car park in Newport – with Drakeford’s administration saying that they can’t be evicted “unless there are immediate and substantial risks to public safety arising from continued occupation”.

And in February we reported how Drakeford had been forced to defend thousands of pounds of wasteful spending on a virtue-signalling audit of monuments.

Things got even more embarrassing for him in March when he refused to rule out a mad curfew on all men in a widely viewed television interview, in the wake of the sick slaying of Sarah Everard – despite his own rapist son Jonathan Drakeford being caged for sick sex crimes.