Unite candidate ridiculed for pledging to sue Boris for 150,000 counts of murder

One of the candidates vying for the top job at Britain’s second-largest trade union has vowed to take Boris Johnson to court for 150,000+ counts of murder on his first day in office.

Howard Beckett, a current assistant general secretary of Unite, made the outrageous remarks in a video posted on social media, promising to instruct the trade union’s legal team to sue the prime minister, presumably for what Beckett believes to be his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the video, Beckett makes the unsubstantiated claim that the “vast majority” of deaths are workers “who have been forced into unsafe workplaces during Covid”.

Official figures provided by the Office for National Statistics puts the median age of those who died in Britain due to Covid-19 at 80.4 years old, well above the state retirement age.

Beckett doesn’t mention the unprecedented state intervention of the furlough scheme which saw millions of public and private sector workers paid the ‘vast majority’ of their salaries to remain safe at home during the pandemic’s peak.

Beckett, a solicitor by trade and previous director of the trade union’s legal services, faced fierce criticism from many on Britain’s political left for the bizarre remarks.

Labour’s shadow justice secretary Karl Turner commented: “Before you blow my subs on this, could you at least share counsel’s advice to our union’s members, Howard?”

Former Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley claimed “Beckett just seems to love giving millions of pounds of union members’ hard-earned subs to lawyers for mad political ego trips. It’s so weird.”

Another former Labour MP, Mike Foster called Beckett a “first-class tosser”, blasting him as “a stain on the labour and trade union movement.”

Nazir Azfal OBE, a fellow solicitor and former Chief Prosecutor offered Beckett some free legal advice: “I’ve looked into this and save your members’ hard earned subscriptions. There is no case to answer for murder so it’s a waste of money.”