Guilty verdicts for “violent and depraved” migrant rapist

25-year-old Abdallah Baballah has been found guilty on nine counts and pleaded guilty to five others, including rapes, attempted rapes, robbery, and sexual assault following an eleven-day spree of vicious sex offences in London during July 2019.

He abused five women in the early hours of the morning as they made their way home, before being captured by cops. The revolting criminal was also revealed to have looked up news articles about the serial rapist Joseph McCann.

One victim was threatened with stabbing before he raped her repeatedly. Another woman was walking in a residential street when Baballah attacked – sexually assaulting, robbing, and raping her before punching her in the face.

Detective Sergeant Sara Yems of the Specialist Crime Command at the Metropolitan Police said that the predator was seen on CCTV “stalking the victims until he found the most opportune moment to attack. In each case he intimated he had a knife, leaving the women fearing for their lives and with little option but to obey his commands.”

Sudanese national Baballah was described as a “violent and depraved man” by Karen Phillips from the Crown Prosecution Service, who added that he “has at every turn tried to divert responsibility away from himself by callously claiming that many of these encounters were consensual. They were not.

“The prosecution case included strong evidence from the victims, CCTV footage and forensic evidence – including Baballah’s own thumbprint on a mobile phone he had returned to a victim after brutally raping her.

“Baballah targeted women on their way home and in most cases threatened them with physical violence unless they carried out sexual acts. Despite suffering such terrifying experiences, I must pay tribute to these five immensely brave women. They fully supported this prosecution and told the court and jury about the violence inflicted upon them.

“As a result of their courage a dangerous man is no longer on the streets. I hope that his conviction provides them with some sense of comfort and allows them to move on with their lives.”

The verdicts come in the wake of the sentencing of fellow Sudanese migrant Quarashi Suliman, with this site reporting yesterday how he dragged a woman into his flat and raped her.

Baballah will be sentenced on the 30th of July.