Muslim call to prayer from Tower Bridge weeks after Christian preacher cuffed in capital

35-year-old Kazi Shafiqur Rahman has performed the Islamic adhan into a microphone at Tower Bridge to mark the end of Ramadan, just weeks after a Christian preacher in Uxbridge was manhandled by police and arrested for preaching the Bible.

Website Arab News reports that the performance “marked the end of an iftar hosted by Tower Hamlets Homes, the East London Mosque & London Muslim Center and Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum”, and follows Rahman’s performance of the adhan at Canary Wharf last year.

“After delivering the adhan in Canary Wharf last year, I realized that the call to prayer is such a strong message and that I was sending it out across the world via social media” he said.

His video last year reportedly went viral, with Raham saying that he was initially shocked by the reaction but “then I realized that this is the word of God and the call to prayer and therefore it’s bound to reach that many people.”

But members of the public on social media have been outraged by the footage, which sees Metropolitan Police officers stand around the marked off performance while Rahman calls into a microphone from the iconic London landmark, following the treatment of Pastor John Sherwood in west London recently.

“But an elderly gent was arrested for reading from the Bible…. Why do the rules only apply to some” asked one social media user while another said: “Lucky he’s not reading from the bible; he’d likely get arrested.”

Sherwood was arrested following a session in which he preached from the Book of Genesis, “declaring that God’s design in creating mankind was to set human beings in families, headed by a father and a mother”.

“The pastor was driven to a police detention centre near Heathrow Airport, where he was kept overnight and not released until around noon the next day. His solicitor described the attitude of officers during the formal interview procedure as very unpleasant,” revealed his colleague Mr Simpson.