Migrants who pass through safe countries will be BANNED from claiming asylum

New government immigration plans will block migrants from claiming asylum in the UK if they traveled through safe countries to arrive in Britain, in a major shakeup that ministers hope will deter illegal immigration.

The move appears to be a response to the rising tide of illegal entry by small boat across the Channel, with migrants paying people smugglers to deliver them from France into English waters – where they are picked up and ferried into shore by the UK’s so-called Border Force.

Despite growing warnings that France is on the verge of a civil war under Europhile President Emmanuel Macron, it is not currently considered an unsafe country from which people can ordinarily seek asylum.

The scale of the problem has been documented by the UK’s top immigration think tank Migration Watch UK, who have recorded 2,385 migrants arriving in the country by boat in the first four months of the year alone – way up from the 972 migrants who arrived by the same manner in the first four months of 2020.

If that proportional increase persists for the entire year, it would see the UK taking in 21,379 unvetted illegal migrants by small boat in 2021 – the equivalent of twenty military battalions, four brigades, or two army divisions.

But tough new government plans could begin to deter the arrivals, with the government set to decree that those who arrive in the UK illegally from a safe country will not be admissible into the UK’s asylum system.

This site reported back in March on the government’s New Plan for Immigration, which already laid out plans to “break the life-threatening business of criminal people smugglers”.

Information revealed then highlighted how the government would begin to treat asylum claimants differently based on whether or not the claimant had arrived in the UK by a legal route, as well as new measures that would make it easier for the government to boot out foreign criminal and failed asylum seekers.