Hundreds of woke protesters block police vehicle carrying migrants

More than 200 protesters have blocked a police vehicle carrying immigrants on their way to a detention centre.

This morning, immigration enforcement officers conducted a dawn raid at a property in Pollokshield, south Glasgow, where the migrants were staying. All of them were male.

But shortly after the men were nabbed, the officers’ van was surrounded by protesters with one lunatic scurrying underneath and clinging to its undercarriage.

To a loud drumbeat, the swarm of demonstrators chanted “these are our neighbours, let them go” while carrying professionally designed banners that read: “Migrants & refugees welcome here – blame austerity not migrants,” even though the government has ploughed £123 billion into Covid response (see footage below) in the past year.

Cops were sent to the scene to protect the immigration officers from the baying mob.

The decision to grab the migrants during Eid al-Fitr, the festival that bookends Ramadan has caused outrage among demonstrators as well as media outlets such the Guardian, which thought it necessary to speculate on the “jarring impact” of the raid during a religious festival in multicultural Glasgow – inside Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency no less.

“For this to happen on Eid, which is meant to be a time of peaceful celebration, is horrifying. It is no coincidence that it is taking place when a new immigration bill is being prepared,” Pinar Aksu, of Maryhill Integration Network, told the Guardian.

Aksu added: “We also need answers from Police Scotland about their involvement. We have already written to the home secretary asking urgently to clarify whether the decisions to carry out immigration enforcement raids, including dawn raids, represents a change in the policy by the UK government.”

The majority of the social justice disrupters were still at the scene after five hours of chanting. Pressure group, Stand Up To Racism posted a video this afternoon (see below) describing the police presence as “outrageous”. Twitter was awash with hard-left activists congratulating themselves for being a nuisance.  

Just after 5pm, Police Scotland released a statement announcing that, following a risk assessment, an “operational decision” was made to free the migrants.

The police also pleaded with the protesters to disperse.