BLM kicks antifa out of march for using black people like “shields”

Black Lives Matter activists have kicked antifa supporters out of a march in Portland, Oregon amid claims that the radical leftist group were using black protesters as shields in the commission of their violent property crime.

Black bloc antifa – a group of cowardly thugs who routinely mask their faces in a bid to get away with criminal acts including vandalism and arson – had attempted to embed themselves in the BLM march, with top journalist and world-renowned antifa expert Andy Ngo reporting that the group’s numbers “are smaller now because some are facing felonies. They want to use black people as shields since many of their comrades are afraid to show up.”

“Stop standing behind black people and using us as your f**king shields” said one activist on a ground, in a viral social media clip of the confrontation. “That’s what you’re doing right now!”

The split between the two left-wing political movements has been greeted enthusiastically by some social media users, with one saying: “let both plagues consume each other and disappear”

Local activist Alissa Azar described the course of events on Twitter, saying: “So a group of bloc showed up 2 a lib march organized by RCJ [BLM group Rose City Justice]. the bloc got the energy going when the march first took off w chants like “AK-47 send the cops to piggy heaven!” & “loot the stores! Burn the prisons! Anarchy & communism!”

“During the march a firework went off and a dumpsters was about to be relocated. That’s when RCJ & people from juice lost in on bloc. A group of armed men approached us and started pushing & yelling. One of the men put their hands on me at least 3 times & others did the same to many others in bloc.

“Lots of people had them get physically aggressive. Umbrellas were being snatched from people. One of them threatened to shoot us, another said he would put his rifle down & fight me 1 on 1 (?).”

Azar also claimed that one of the BLM activists had objected to somebody lighting a dumpster on fire, and that another had suggested that black bloc antifa members were “colonizers”.

Following their removal from the march, some black bloc antifa members went on to smash up a Multnomah County building, breaking some windows and daubing “ACAB” on another.